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What is Tabula?

Tabula is a virtual pen friend that that anyone can correspond with via e-mail. It is capable of having conversations about many topics, ranging from simple smalltalk to meaningful conversations about life and death.

How do I talk to it?

You should start by introducing yourself like you would to a human person. You can also try to ask Tabula any question that comes to mind.

To help Tabula understand you better, here's a couple of things remember while writing:

- Avoid typos and slang terms.
- End your sentences with a period or exclamation mark. If you're asking a question, use a question mark.
- When talking about multiple different subjects, seperate them with paragraphs.
- Don't be rude. Don't use harsh language or insults, or Tabula might decide to stop talking to you.

Apart from that, feel free to write as you would to anyone else. You don't have to keep your sentences simple. Tabula will let you know when it's having trouble understanding you.

Where do I send my letter to?


Enjoy your new friend!

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Published 1 year ago